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Training, Inc. is a national network of local job training programs that creates and shares effective practices in preparing a wide range of job seekers to successfully meet employers' needs in today's work environment. Since 1975, more than 25,000 graduates and their families have improved their lives by using Training, Inc. as a bridge to good jobs, higher wages, and further education.

Through the Training, Inc. National Association, technical assistance and staff training are available to organizations in other cities that want to start new Training, Inc. programs or incorporate the Training, Inc. approach into their existing programs.

Over the past four decades, Training, Inc. has partnered with business, government, education, and other community-based organizations to improve training program outcomes and ensure a significant, lasting impact on graduates and their families. Public and private investors realize a high return as Training, Inc. graduates and their families become more self-sufficient and more engaged citizens. Training, Inc. member sites currently include the YMCA Training, Inc. in Boston, Training, Inc. Indianapolis, and Essex County College Training Inc. in Newark. Training, Inc. offers training programs for anywhere between 14-20 weeks (or 420-600 instructional hours) that consist of sector specific skills as well as contextualized business math and English. The Training, Inc. The Training Inc Approach summarizes three sets of core practices which guide the culture and strategies for success embedded in Training, Inc. programs.

Local programs provide re-training for unemployed and underemployed workers, core skill development for low-income adults of all ages, and orientation to American business culture and technology for immigrants seeking to thrive in their new home. Training, Inc. programs, including Administrative Support, Medical Office, Certified Nursing Assistant, Hospitality Training and Financial and Insurance Services, are meeting the staffing needs of more than 200 employers across the country.

A signature practice within Training, Inc. programs is the use of live business simulations, creating real work experience within the training setting. Training, Inc. is now prepared to share this powerful practice with other programs. Training, Inc. staff has created a number of business simulations including Gigs and Bytes, Your Design Company, the Wellness Clinic and Insurance Company as well as JK Distributors, Inc. which is web-based and ready to share. A short video of trainees operating Lester Hill Ltd., a precursor to JKD, can be seen here.

Training, Inc. employs essential practices that are clustered around three themes:

Collaborative Partnerships Through extensive involvement of employers, volunteers, funders, and community agencies in program events and services, Training, Inc. builds a community of support among partners to assure trainees' success. The involvement of partners and volunteers ensures that the curriculum remains relevant and provides trainees with opportunities to interact frequently with many successful role models.

Learning Organization A supportive, team-based learning structure encourages the critical thinking and problem solving skills trainees will need on the job and increases trainees' confidence in their own capabilities. Staff and trainees continuously set goals for improvement, measure their progress, and regularly reflect on their learning.

Workplace Simulation Training Inc.'s environment and curriculum immerse trainees in the "culture of work", helping them to make a smooth transition to being dependable employees who produce quality work. Hands-on projects, supervisory relationships, a simulated business experience and internships recreate the expectations of the workplace within the training setting. Through this process trainees strengthen both technical and soft skills critical to success.

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Training, Inc.'s approach has been featured in P/PV Working Venture's reports: Hard Work on Soft Skills: Creating a "Culture of Work" in Workforce Development by Ted Houghton and Tony Proscio, October 2001 and By Design: Engaging Employers in Workforce Development Organizations by Carol Clymer, December 2003.

Training, Inc.'s Results

Training, Inc. has been committed to tracking its outcomes and using the results to improve its performance since its inception. In 1993, funded by the Ford Foundation, the Center for Public Interest Polling at the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University conducted a survey of Training, Inc. graduates, two thirds of who had graduated in the four years immediately prior to the survey and one third who graduated between twelve and five years prior. At the time of the survey, 70% of Training, Inc. graduates were employed full-time with 88% of those employed receiving health insurance. The survey report is available here.

Training, Inc. Newark was one of six skills training programs that participated in a Charles Stewart Mott funded outcomes and implementation study conducted by P/PV. Two years after training participants reported that the hourly wages that they received were $2.61 more than what they earned at their last job prior to entering training.

The 4,250 graduates of Training, Inc. in Boston earned approximately $93 million in the past year and paid $24 million in taxes. This Return on Investment increases annually as more graduates join the workforce, receive promotions, complete employer-sponsored training, and pursue college degrees opening doors to new career opportunities.

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