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What the JK Distributors facilitators are saying about their trainee's experience?

Zach: Facilitator

Seeing participants stay late and take their work home, either to rectify files or to print documents that they weren't able to at the office was incredibly rewarding. This showed from the start that participants were taking the program seriously and committed to seeing it succeed. more

Jackie: Facilitator

I was most pleased about the simulation when I saw trainees making decisions on their own and helping each other. When I saw the growth of the trainees and I saw them deliver their final PowerPoint presentations -- it was a WOW moment.

Shawn: Facilitator

The simulation is a practical experience that relates closely to on the job experiences. Applying skills in office programs while "on the job". Understanding the importance of communication and teamwork was a commonly shared outcome from trainees, as was understanding the importance of communication between worker and manager. Utilizing a web based work system was also new for most of our trainees, so this experience will be helpful for them in the future. more

Bruce: Facilitator

Trainees were most pleased when they had lots of work to do, and when they were presented with a situation that was a little bit more difficult or required some problem solving or independent thinking. I think they greatly enjoyed when they had to work with people from other departments to solve some problem. more

What are trainee's who have been through JK Distributors saying about the results?

Jazmin: Insurance Agent, Christopher Kokoras Insurance Agency

Talline: Case Manager, Bay Cove Human Services

Elona: Teller, The Cooperative Bank

Carolyn: Sports Claims Administrator, Gallagher Koster

Cindy: Member Service Representative, DELL/Total Clerical Services

Sushma: Unit Secretary, Spaulding Hospital

What are employers saying about the results?

Lori: Manager of Staffing, Boston Medical Center

Nancy: Executive Assistant, Hollister

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