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What's New In Our Simulation

Training, Inc. is now offering its new improved proven business simulation tool, JK Distributors, to outside organizations for use in their workforce development programs.

Beginning in 2008, Training, Inc. National and Training, Inc. Boston started working with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston to move the local server based business simulation to a web-based application. Upon completion, the application was installed in each Training, Inc. location. This allowed the Training, Inc. sites to use and critique the tool. That feedback resulted in improvements; then four outside organizations ran a three month pilot which also lead to additional improvements in the implementation and support process.

Training, Inc. now has a complete web-based application and support environment with everything that is needed to run the JK Distributors business simulation tool, including:

  • Complete documentation for facilitators (program staff) and employees (students).
    • Forms and templates
    • Job descriptions & procedures for all positions
    • Guidelines for staffing large or small companies
    • Procedures for meetings & start-up activities
    • Supplemental work suggestions
    • Business involvement ideas
  • All documentation is available for download and installation.
  • View an extract of the Facilitators Guide here.
  • Self-paced instructional videos. View an example of the JK Distributors workflow here.
  • Support webinars.
  • One-on-one phone support for technical and curriculum issues.
  • A peer group to interact with independently, beyond the monthly meetings.
  • Videos, background reading and the tools to support the implementation of the simulation.

Participating organizations are encouraged to provide feedback from trainees and facilitators so that continuous improvements can be implemented.

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